Z & Golden Z Clubs FAQs

Answering Your Questions

Optional Suggested Z-Club Service Award

 Some Zonta Clubs offer a Z-Club Service Award in order to recognize individual efforts and dedication as well as to gain advertising to create community awareness, support of future fundraisers, and recruitment of new members for the Zonta Club and the student club. 

Place the annual award, $250, under Scholarships, in the club’s budget, and give it to a student the Z-Club Advisers agree upon that meet the following criteria:  

  1. Graduating Senior 
  2. The Student held an officer’s position and/or exhibited outstanding leadership qualities 
  3. Worked on several service projects 
  4. Went above and beyond to help the community 
  5. Outstanding Role Model 
  6. Attended Meetings regularly 

Where do I get information on starting a Z or Golden Z Club?

What are the responsibilities of the sponsoring Zonta Club?

Pay the annual fee, communicate with the student club and be the liaison between District 4, Zonta International and the student club. 

What costs are the sponsoring Zonta obligated to pay?

 At the present time (2020-2021) the charter fee to start a Z or Golden Z Club is $25 U.S. The annual renewal fee is $5 U.S. 

What are some Zonta club activities in which Z and Golden members can participate?

 Birthing kit assembly, fundraisers, hygiene kit assembly, club meetings, advocacy events. 

What are some optional costs?

 A simple or gala type charter ceremony. 

A banner and gavel, more for Z Clubs that meet in the same location regularly. 

Shirts, caps, other identifying clothing, promotional materials. 

Costs for a student to attend a Zonta meeting to tell about club activities. 

What awards are available for student clubs?

District 4 Z & Golden Z Award for clubs and individual students are traditionally awarded biennially.  Due to COVID-19, club activities and presenting of awards are being assessed.

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