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Advocacy is the expression of support for, or opposition to, a cause, argument or proposal. Advocacy actions may include influencing laws, legislation or attitudes.

Zonta Advocacy

Zonta advocacy is an action taken in “the public interest” or for “the greater good” with respect to empowering women and girls and their human rights.

The International Advocacy Committee encourages districts/regions, areas and clubs to use the below resources to increase advocacy actions at the district/region, area and club levels.

Zonta International, its districts and its clubs shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian.

Encouraging new collaboration with like-minded organizations.

Zonta Canada Caucus Underway

There are twenty Zonta Clubs in Canada.  They are assigned to five districts: D1: 2, D2: 2, D4:12, D15: 2 and D8: 2. For a few years, some District 4 Canadian members have been attempting to set up a network of Canadian clubs so there could be a Canadian focus and...

ZC of Toronto – Hats for Activism

Get your hat today!Don’t hide your orange Zonta Says NO colour under your winter jacket – wear it on your head! Zonta Clubs of Pittsburg, Kitchener/Waterloo, Brampton-Caledon, Hamilton, St. Catharines and Woodstock all have theirs.  Even incoming International...

Trafficking Survivor Timea Nagy Her Story

Attention Members Here is an interesting event to consider attending. District 4 members have listened to Timea speak about her experience. District 4 has also read her book Out of the Shadows a memoir of a sex slave survivor as part of D4 Books n Beverages.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day Feb. 22nd

February 22nd is Awareness Against Human Trafficking Day in Canada. Trafficking is a billion dollar business and it is happening in our own cities and neighbourhoods. The first step to ending Trafficking is awareness. Please post these PSA's on your Zonta social media...

Advocacy Calendar

Find Advocacy Activities, Events & Action Resources offered by Zonta International, District 4, and Clubs.

Advocacy Policies, Guidelines & Resources

Affiliation with Other Organizations, Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Statement, and UN Women

16 Days of Activism D4 2021 Campaign

16 Days of Activism D4 campaign material.  Thirty-five percent of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence.

Ending Child Marriage

More than 650 million girls and women alive today were married as children — before they were 18 years old.

Club ADVOCACY Projects

“Helping Us to Help You”

Share your club advocacy projects and descriptions with us to share with other D4 clubs. This will generate a listing of projects and actions and reduce the workload for all.


Zonta USA Caucus often gets asked,

“How can we do advocacy, I thought we were  non-partisan?”

Non-partisan means Zonta can’t be advocating for a candidate or a party.  However, we can advocate for a position or a policy.  Zonta USA Caucus developed this video help to illustrate the issue.

USA Caucus Logo

Zonta Canada Caucus

Zonta Canada Caucus will advocate for gender equality issues and a place to align on critical issues and provides a platform for coordinated advocacy actions within Canada.  This Caucus is in the early stages of development and more information to be released in fall of 2022.

USA Caucus Logo

USA Caucus

Zonta’s USA Caucus advocates for gender equality issues and a place to align on key issues and provides a platform for coordinated advocacy actions within the United States.

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