2021 Recipients

Out of 228 applications, 20 candidates were selected for the 2021 Zonta International Women in Technology (WIT) Scholarships.

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For the launch of this pilot program, the Zonta International Foundation awarded US$108,000 in scholarships: 30 district/region scholarships of US$2,000 each and six international scholarships of US$8,000 each.

Lindsey Tulloch, WIT recipient 2020

Pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, University of Waterloo, Canada

Holds bachelor’s degrees in computer science, Brock University, Canada, and psychology, Queen’s University, Canada

Lindsey Tulloch is pursuing her master’s degree in computer science, exploring privacy-enhancing technologies—specifically, enhancements to The Onion Router (Tor), a well-known alternative browser that provides anonymous and private internet connections through an overlay network that uses perfect forward secrecy and rendezvous points to connect with hidden servers. Privacy is recognized as a fundamental human right by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and underpins human dignity and essential freedoms. Lindsey is a firm believer in the importance of creating accessible tools to protect the privacy of journalists, activists, dissidents and marginalized individuals living under oppressive regimes from grave danger.

Before entering her master’s program, Lindsey undertook research in the field of bioinformatics and presented her findings at the IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Manchester in 2017 and was nominated for the best paper award. During her co-op at Red Hat, she worked on an open-source container orchestration tool and presented some of this work at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco as well as at Kubecon CloudNativecon in Copenhagen in 2018 and Barcelona in 2019.

Throughout her academic career and beyond, Lindsey has stepped up to support those with less experience or greater barriers to success. She has run events and workshops to help students learn important industry skills that are not typically taught in classes and she organized the first group for Women in Computer Science at Brock University with the intention of creating a supportive space for gender minority students to share experiences and opportunities.

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