District 4


Sheena Poole, Committee Chairperson

ZC of Woodstock

Committee: Tanya Tagwerker, ZC of Guelph; Dianne Sison, ZC of Toronto; Donna Monaco, ZC of Grand Island; Cheri Magin, ZC of Rochester; Julie Kleinberger, ZC of Bradford; Nancy Crouthamel, ZC of Pittsburgh

Building, Engaging & Promoting

The path to membership in Zonta International is very different for each of us. For some it is making a change in the community we live in while others find it is an opportunity to make an impact globally. Being part of a club gives us resources and a network to empower women.

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  • District 4 has 701 Classified Members
  • District 4 has 6 Young Perfessionals
  • District 4 Area 1: 84 Members
  • District 4 Area 2: 120 Members
  • District 4 Area 3: 117 Members
  • District 4 Area 4: 154 Members
  • District 4 Area 5: 171 Members
  • District 4 Area 6: 55 Members