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Is Your Club Ready For New Members?

What Type of Member are You Recruiting?

Recruitment Activities?

Working with New Members?

Club Social Media & Website

Content is derived from ZI 2018-2020 Global Membership Drive (GMD), D4 Membership Committee & D4 Clubs.

Is Your Club Ready for New Members?

A new member will not stay if they see a dysfunctional club, unhappy members, and do not see what they were promised.

A Well Functioning Club

Be honest with the functioning of your club

  • Is your club rebuilding, working on a strategic plan, improving the club’s financial processes?

Say what you do

  • Do you promote being an international organization but never engage with Zonta International or District 4.
  • A women-focused organization but service and advocacy projects do not support the mission and vision of Zonta.
Club Social Media & Website
  • Media channels have current content.
  • Represent your club’s involvement in the community, Zonta, and significant campaigns or dates.
  • Develop own content, rather than only sharing, to have a greater impact on viewers.
  • Depicts the member you wish to attract.  Images of older women when focused on encouraging young professionals.
  • Easy to locate contact information and follow up on inquiries is timely.


Recruitment Material
  • Quality community public relations, social media, and printed material.
    • Examples of recruitment material
  • Material made available at every outreach activity.
  • ID members that are comfortable and willing to be a spokesperson at outreach activities/events.
    • Build relationships not “sell” Zonta.
    • Example of “elevator speech”
  • Research what PR methods work in your community.

Identify the Type of Member You Want

Actively seek out members that will build your club’s foundation.

Members with Specific Skills
  • Look at the resources and skills lacking in your club. Are there professions or individuals that embody those qualities?
  • Look to your community for potential organizations & businesses your members are already engaged with and have established partnerships.
Target Diversity

Research your community and surrounding area.

  • Is there an underrepresented community group not being fulfilled in your club?
  • Diversity brings energy and a new perspective to the club.
  • Uncovers systemic issues the club may have been overlooking.
Identifying Club Recruiters

Who’s the best woman for the job?

  • Use outgoing enthusiastic members to help identify potential sources.
  • Members already involved or connected with women in your community.
  • Hold leadership positions or know women who do.
Ask Friends & Family for Next Generation Recommendations
  • Identify the daughters, grand-daughters of friends and family.
Involve Qualified Candidates
  • Ask potential members to attend meetings, events, online speakers.

Recruitment Activities

Be proactive in your recruiting strategy.  Use every opportunity to create awareness about Zonta & build relationships.

Recruit Volunteers
  • External volunteers can ease into membership without time or financial commitment.
  • Use external volunteers to help.
    • Events
    • Skills not available in the club. E.g. website management, PR, developing club promotional material.
Club Events, Projects or Initiatives to Attract Attention
  • Make quality club information available
  • Greeters and members designated to speak one-on-one with attendees about the club.
  •  Determine what can Zonta do for the potential member.
Promoting Global Aspect
  • Join with other clubs to maximize resources
  • Promote membership that can encompass other clubs, districts, international.
Follow Up
  • Always follow up with attendees
  • Invite to another event, meeting, project 
  • How could the function be better?  Could they help the next time?

Working with New Members

Now that you have new members, now what do you do with them?

Welcome & Include
  • Make them feel part of the club.
  • Introductions to members,
  • Don’t overwhelm the new member with Zonta information.
  • Recognize future leaders. Offer positions for those that want more involvement early.
  • Establish a consistent orientation process.
    • Example of D4 Orientation Plan
  • all members wear name badges to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Continuing supporting the new member as they become familiar with club meetings, established members, and understanding the culture and activities of the club.
  • Club pins, induction ceremony and establish a mentor to build the relationship between club and member.
  • Invite new members to orientation-training sessions with an assigned mentor with enthusiasm and a connection to the new member.
  • Breakdown the orientation session into comfortable segments delivered over a period of time.
  • Assign the new member to a committee that resonates with them.
  •  Don’t back those that will be future leaders based on past practice.
    • Offer vice or understudy positions.
  • Utilize ZI Leadership Program modules
New Member Orientation Plan
  • Address committee direction, incorporating plans that engage membership and leadership
  • Example: D4 New Member Orientation Plan.
Training, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Ensure club members are ready for the task of training and mentoring a new member.
  • Activate passive members as trainers or mentors
  • Example: ZI Leadership Development – Mentoring 

Club Social Media & Website Content

Studies indicate prospective members will be attracted to a club’s social media content and then do more in-depth research of the club’s on its website.

Updating All Media Channels with current content
  • Outdated information is a deterrent for many professionals.
  • Primary content reflects what are you doing now.  Archive what you did two years ago.
  • Identify current service and advocacy projects.
  • Make content easy to see, find, and follow.  Don’t give a viewer a reason to leave your site.
  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) consistently.
  • Content is aligned with ZI mission/vision, share ZI partnering organization content with UN Mission).

Promote on ZI & D4 to gain more recognition and higher SEO.

  • D4 Communications Guidelines for content submission.