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Service & Partnerships

The 2020 – 2022 biennium is continuing to provide opportunities for Zonta clubs to partner with another charitable organization(s) or business(es) through services projects to directly improve women’s and girls’ lives in our communities, to strengthen the link between Zonta’s local, and international levels and promoting the good name of Zonta at the local level.

GUIDELINES for Service Projects

Guidelines have been developed to ensure club projects are meeting criteria set out by Zonta International and our District.

Affiliation with other Organization Policy

Affiliation with Other Organizations Policy has been developed by Zonta Internationaland must be adhered to by D4 clubs.

Affiliation with other organizations guidelines

Affiliation with Other Organizations Guidelines has been developed by Zonta International and must be adhered to by D4 clubs.

District 4 Service Committee

D4 2019 Area Workshop Service Presentation

District 4 Service presented at this year’s spring workshop. Presentation topics included:

  • What Responsibility do Clubs and District have to ZI?
  • Communications & Terminology
  • Checking out D4 Club Service Projects
  • Posing Questions and Having Difficult Conversations
  • How Can we be Effective, Efficient, and Engaging so that Our Projects are an Enjoyable Experience?
  • Let’s Chat!