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Build-a-well Madagascar Initiative

The platform to help young girls go to school in Madagascar, instead of completing a water route is introduced to all the Z Clubs in Brampton.

Many young women and children in Madagascar often undertake lengthy and exhausting journeys to access what the UN has declared to be a basic human right. In this project, Central Peel’s Z Club teamed up with WaterAid Canada to contribute to their “Everyone, Everywhere” project, which seeks to provide 100% water access to two Malagasy communities, by building facilities that will continue to provide clean water access for generations to come. Through donation collection on a weekly basis and the organization of several events in support of this project, 100% of Z Club members worked to fundraise over $300 in an initiative called “Build-A-Well Madagascar”. In doing so, “Build-A-Well Madagascar” has helped many young women and children access the clean water they deserve, which ultimately reflects the compassionate values of Zonta International, and further advances the goal of achieving international gender equality.

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