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Marissa Jacques, President

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…”  It is fun, friendly, and a positive group which focuses on volunteering and helping others. It’s an amazing group of people who love helping out with their community, and even around the world (Uganda). 

Marissa Carbonell

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…”  It has been a wonderful opportunity to volunteer around the community.  Over the past three years, I’ve been exposed to amazing services that improve people’s lives all over the world. In the future, I will continue my humanitarian efforts and make the world a better place to live in.

Paige Wasilewski

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…” I enjoy not only helping my community but other parts of the world. Being in Z-Club, I know I’m making a small difference in helping the world for the better.

Zachary O’Brien

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…” It allows me to make a difference in my community. In additions to this, I also have the ability to impact other peoples lives over in Uganda through the Ugandan Water Project.

Hanna Bluhm, member for three years!

I enjoy signing up for events and helping others. I also like getting closer to other people and making new friends. Z-Club is a great opportunity to make new friends and getting community service hours. Also, it is such a fun way to help others. There is nothing better than helping others and seeing the look of happiness on someone’s face. It’s really a great group! I am happy to be a part of it!

Kennedy Buckingham, member for 2 years!

What I enjoy about Z-Club is how Z-Club makes people feel!

Jadan Torcello, member for one year!

I enjoy meeting new people in my school and in the community. I cherish all the friends I have made in the club.Z-Club brings joy to everyone and it helps better my community. It has made a huge, positive impact on my life. Volunteering gives me great joy and I take pride in myself for joining this club. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to better themselves and their community to join Z-Club!

Bethany Ruffino, member for two years!

I enjoy getting community service hours and being with friends while having a good time!

Olivia Maniace, member for 2 years

I enjoy that I can help others. I like working with other girls who think like me and want to do good for others. I like the variety of things that we do to raise money for the Ugandan Water Project and other worthwhile causes. Z-Club is fun and it makes me feel good that I am giving back!

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