Z & Golden Z Club Awards

Recognizing the Service of Chartered Z & Golden Z Clubs

Z & Golden Z Club Award

This award is funded by District 4 to recognize and honor the service work of individual chartered Z and Golden Z Clubs, and individual members of those clubs for their outstanding leadership in the mission of Zonta.

This Award is currently funded at $250.00 US for each category as set out in the application.

Awards will be presented at the District Conference in September 2021.

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Your club must complete an Emma Conlon Award
  • Knowledge of Zonta International and its goals.
  • Evidence of active commitment to Z Clubs or Golden Z Clubs.
  • Evidence of leadership through your club.
  • Demonstrate how Zonta benefits you as an individual.

An official application can be downloaded from this web page or obtained from your club’s teacher advisor.  A review panel will select one winning entry in each category, and notification will be sent to the winning applicants.

Zonta International Emma Conlon Service Award

The Emma L. Conlon Service Award recognizes Z and Golden Z clubs whose projects and programs best express the ideals of Zonta International to empower women through local and international service and advocacy. Awards are to be used for the clubs’ service projects.

First, second and third place awards are given to both Z and Golden Z clubs. First place clubs receive US$1,000; second place clubs receive US$500; and third place clubs receive US$250. An additional award of US$250 is awarded to one Z club and one Golden Z club that have been chartered for less than two years. 

More information on application criteria can be found on the Zonta International Emma L. Conlon Award web page

District 4 Z & Golden Z Club Awards Application

To be considered, each applicant is required to complete an application. Applications being revised.


Build-a-well Madagascar Initiative

The platform to help young girls go to school in Madagascar, instead of completing a water route is introduced to all the Z Clubs in Brampton.

Many young women and children in Madagascar often undertake lengthy and exhausting journeys to access what the UN has declared to be a basic human right. In this project, Central Peel’s Z Club teamed up with WaterAid Canada to contribute to their “Everyone, Everywhere” project, which seeks to provide 100% water access to two Malagasy communities, by building facilities that will continue to provide clean water access for generations to come. Through donation collection on a weekly basis and the organization of several events in support of this project, 100% of Z Club members worked to fundraise over $300 in an initiative called “Build-A-Well Madagascar”. In doing so, “Build-A-Well Madagascar” has helped many young women and children access the clean water they deserve, which ultimately reflects the compassionate values of Zonta International, and further advances the goal of achieving international gender equality.

Quotes from Students

Marissa Jacques, President

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…”  It is fun, friendly, and a positive group which focuses on volunteering and helping others. It’s an amazing group of people who love helping out with their community, and even around the world (Uganda). 

Marissa Carbonell

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…”  It has been a wonderful opportunity to volunteer around the community.  Over the past three years, I’ve been exposed to amazing services that improve people’s lives all over the world. In the future, I will continue my humanitarian efforts and make the world a better place to live in.

Paige Wasilewski

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…” I enjoy not only helping my community but other parts of the world. Being in Z-Club, I know I’m making a small difference in helping the world for the better.

Zachary O’Brien

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because…” It allows me to make a difference in my community. In additions to this, I also have the ability to impact other peoples lives over in Uganda through the Ugandan Water Project.

Hanna Bluhm, member for three years!

I enjoy signing up for events and helping others. I also like getting closer to other people and making new friends. Z-Club is a great opportunity to make new friends and getting community service hours. Also, it is such a fun way to help others. There is nothing better than helping others and seeing the look of happiness on someone’s face. It’s really a great group! I am happy to be a part of it!

Kennedy Buckingham, member for 2 years!

What I enjoy about Z-Club is how Z-Club makes people feel!

Jadan Torcello, member for one year!

I enjoy meeting new people in my school and in the community. I cherish all the friends I have made in the club.Z-Club brings joy to everyone and it helps better my community. It has made a huge, positive impact on my life. Volunteering gives me great joy and I take pride in myself for joining this club. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to better themselves and their community to join Z-Club!

Bethany Ruffino, member for two years!

I enjoy getting community service hours and being with friends while having a good time!

Olivia Maniace, member for 2 years

I enjoy that I can help others. I like working with other girls who think like me and want to do good for others. I like the variety of things that we do to raise money for the Ugandan Water Project and other worthwhile causes. Z-Club is fun and it makes me feel good that I am giving back!


Optional Suggested Z-Club Service Award

 Some Zonta Clubs offer a Z-Club Service Award in order to recognize individual efforts and dedication as well as to gain advertising to create community awareness, support of future fundraisers, and recruitment of new members for the Zonta Club and the student club. 

Place the annual award, $250, under Scholarships, in the club’s budget, and give it to a student the Z-Club Advisers agree upon that meet the following criteria:  

  1. Graduating Senior 
  2. The Student held an officer’s position and/or exhibited outstanding leadership qualities 
  3. Worked on several service projects 
  4. Went above and beyond to help the community 
  5. Outstanding Role Model 
  6. Attended Meetings regularly 

Where do I get information on starting a Z or Golden Z Club?

 Manual Z and Golden Z Clubs https://membership.zonta.org/Governance/Manuals 

What are the responsibilities of the sponsoring Zonta Club?

Pay the annual fee, communicate with the student club and be the liaison between District 4, Zonta International and the student club. 

What costs are the sponsoring Zonta obligated to pay?

 At the present time (2018-2019) the charter fee to start a Z or Golden Z Club is $25 U.S. The annual renewal fee is $5 U.S. 

What are some Zonta club activities in which Z and Golden members can participate?

 Birthing kit assembly, fundraisers, hygiene kit assembly, club meetings, advocacy events. 

What are some optional costs?

 A simple or gala type charter ceremony. 

A banner and gavel, more for Z Clubs that meet in the same location regularly. 

Shirts, caps, other identifying clothing, promotional materials. 

Costs for a student to attend a Zonta meeting to tell about club activities. 

What awards are available for student clubs?

District 4 Z & Golden Z Award for clubs and individual students are given biennially. 

Zonta International offers The Emma L Conlon Award annually. 

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