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D4 is continuing to promote the assembly of birthing kits for women in developing countries.  The delivery of the kits has been primarily through Medical Women International Association in the D4 USA, a small number by their Canadian members.  While World Vision is the primary D4 Canadian distributor with a number of smaller organizations also assisting in the distribution.

Project Info

District 4 Birthing Kits are sent to various developing countries.

The UN has not coordinated shipments for US kits. US birthing kits are being shipped to Uganda Program (ZC of Olean), Guatemala (Fellowship Wesleyan Church – 100 kits -1st trip), and Nicaragua. World Vision Canada is the primary distributor for Canadian clubs.


World Vision Canada – Update

Canadian Zonta Clubs from District 4 have been partnering with World Vision Canada (WVC) since 2015.  As of February 2021, our D4 Canadian clubs have collectively donated 28,587 birthing kits to WVC.  2019 saw deliveries to Malawi and Zimbabwe. While no shipments went out in 2020 due to the pandemic, there was a shipment to Afghanistan in February 2021 and planned future shipments to either Somalia or Sudan.

Birthing Kit Assembly COVID Style

Birthing Kit supplies

Plastic – 1 m x 1 m or 36″ x 36″ 


Gloves, 2 per kit

3 pieces of umbilical cord tie

Scalpel/razor blades if cord is used

Gauze- 5 small squares

World Vision Canada

August 2019 Report: Details, contact person, drop off location and request for date, time & birthing kit quantities.

Every woman has the right to a safe and clean childbirth

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