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Let Us Learn Madagascar


Zonta is passionate about providing life-changing opportunities for women and girls throughout the world.

By partnering with agencies of the United Nations (UN) and other recognized non-governmental organizations, Zonta works to improve women’s health, education, and economic opportunities as well as to prevent gender-based violence.

Since Zonta’s first service project, Zonta has contributed more than $32.7M to International Service projects and Zonta International Strategies to End Violence Against Women projects.

Let Us Learn in Madagascar


$2 million through UNICEF* from 2016 to 2020 and an additional $500,000 in 2020 for Phase 3 of Let Us Learn, an integrated education program creating opportunities for vulnerable and excluded children, particularly girls, in Madagascar to realize their right to an education in a secure and protective environment. The program is being implemented in the Androy and Atsimo Andrefana regions and will support children as they transition from primary to lower secondary school.


In Madagascar, one in four children aged 6–10 does not attend primary school, and one in three children aged 11–14 does not attend lower secondary school.

The project is focused on reaching out-of-school children, expanding girls’ education, and improving quality outcomes for learners. Let Us Learn aims to reduce poverty and ultimately empower Madagascar’s next generation of female leaders.


Through UNICEF, the project will ensure:

  • more children, particularly girls (who drop out at higher levels in the post-primary level) have access to post-primary education and stay in school.
  • Madagascar’s education system has the capacity to offer quality teaching for the enhanced learning outcomes.
  • school districts will be supported to implement a code of conduct against violence in schools and to develop a functional intake and referral mechanism for child victims of violence and exploitation.
  • children’s clubs will be established to implement plans of action to raise awareness in their schools and communities about the issue of violence; and,
  • children at risk and victims of violence and exploitation in schools and communities will benefit from medical, legal, or social support.

* For more information about UNICEF please visit


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