Every odd year in the month of September, District 4 has a conference where we are mandated to elect new board members. This year the District 4 Conference will be held virtually in September. As a District, we need the most qualified leaders in positions for office. Candidates for leadership positions are required to demonstrate high ethical standards. District 4 wishes to ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected and will ensure that all candidates have the opportunity to inform the membership in a fair, equitable and appropriate way.

District 4 wants to take this opportunity to remind members of the campaign policy. Campaigning is defined as encouraging voters to vote for, or discouraging voters from voting for, a specific candidate.

 A candidate is an individual who runs for club, district, or international office. The campaigning policy applies to those candidates on the slate from the date of the deadline for submission of the nomination form. All nominees must be informed about and agree to abide by the District 4 Campaigning Policy. Any nominee found violating the Campaigning Policy may be removed from nomination/slate/office.

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