Leadership Development

Established during the 2014-2016 Biennium, the Zonta Leadership Program is designed to provide Zonta members with organizational knowledge, personal and professional development and opportunities to expand their leadership.

Zonta International is committed to the ongoing growth and development in knowledge and competencies of Zonta leaders at all levels of the organization to support effectiveness and relevance for today and tomorrow. 

As an initiative, the Zonta Leadership Program will continue to expand

Members are encouraged to visit both the e-learning icon on your ZI dashboard for the modules or visit the TOOLS section → Leadership Development for other resources.

Over the coming year, you will see some ‘learning bites’ from our e-learning program; please go into the full webinars for full content on the topic.

If we can help you as a member or your club, contact us through the D4 website or directly to Kathleen Douglass @ [email protected]

Kathleen Douglass

D4 Leadership Development Chair

In the 38 years that Kathleen has been a member of Zonta, she has served as President of the Brampton-Caledon Club (D4, A2) twice; D4 Governor (2008-2010) and ZI & ZIF Director (2010 – 2012), ZI Nominating Committee (2014-2016) and is currently Chair of the ZI Leadership Development Committee as well as D4 Leadership Development Co-ordinator. She has presented workshops on leadership, governance and board development to Zonta groups in Europe, Asia, 10 US states, as well as providing on-going professional development for the ZI Board of Directors.

January – February 2019

Build a Better Club – Member to Member Resources

Globally, Zonta members have created training materials and presentations to build better clubs. These presentations are available to you for club use.

Build a Better Club

Effective club communicationsYouTube  March 2016

Having difficult conversations: Effective conflict resolution in organizations  YouTubeMarch 2016

Presiding with presenceYouTubeMarch 20


How-To Tools and Techniques

These tools and techniques help Zonta members improve club effectiveness and efficiency. Please share best practices and successful tips and tricks by emailing them to [email protected]for review by the International Leadership Development Committee.

Communicate Effectively Through Email PDF April 2017

Create a Presentation PDF April 2017

Club Officer Training Template PPT July 2018

Make a PowerPoint Slides into a Video WMV January 2017

Add Speak to PowerPoint WMV April 2017

501(c)3 Organizations mp4 May 2018

Tax Status for U.S. Clubs mp4 May 2017

Form 990 Filings webinar YouTube March 2017

Engaging people through emotions – Public Speech Training

Personal Development Library

The Personal Development Library is a collection of articles, books and videos recommended by the Leadership Development Committee to inspire you to grow as a leader.

Personal Development Library

Ethics for People on the Move – Catharyn Baird YOUTUBE March 2017

What are the anchors of an ethical life? In this informative talk, ethics maven Catharyn Baird explores the roots of how we think of an ethical life, and how to use them to build strong communities.

Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company WEBSITE March 2017

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If we can help you as a member or your club, contact us through the D4 website or directly to Kathleen Douglass.

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