Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo

Founded in June 1978

Twenty-eight members

Contact for more information: 

President, Elizabeth Sproule

Service Chair, Brenda Graham & Muriel Omand Naylor 

2018 Birthing Kit Assmebly

2020 Birthing Kit Assembly

2021 Birthing Kit Assembly

Birthing Kits

The Zonta Club of KW regularly assembles birthing kits twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. With the pandemic, our spring 2020 assembly was cancelled. Our previous assembly in October 2019 had a typical grouping of 30-50 members, family, friends and other interested individuals participating. In October 2020, we assembled 1000 kits by preparing the supplies at individual’s homes, and gathering with 10 members…socially distanced, in a church basement. The June 2021 assembly had a greater adaption, with all the supplies prepared at individual homes, and then boxes of supplies dropped to 10 members, who each assembled 100 kits one weekend. We were fortunate that World Vision Canada still accepted kits and were shipping them out…with the last batch earmarked for Sudan, South Africa.

Typically each kit costs just under $1.00 to assemble, depending if we get donations. This year Susan, one of our members, came up with a fundraising idea. 9 members walked daily, gathering sponsors, with all funds going to Birthing Kits. We are pleased to confirm that we raised $3,786 and walked 1069 km. An easy fundraiser that will offset the cost of approximately 4000 birthing kits.

Birthing Kits are the D4 service project, although the district service committee is still looking for more ideas. More information on birthing kits can be found on the D4 Service page.

Contact: Muriel Omand Naylor – [email protected]

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