57th Conference


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Past Governors

Andrea Moreau, 1988-1990

Sandra Cronk, 2004-2006

Kathleen Douglass, 2008-2010 

Bonnie Crogan-Mazur,  2010-2012

Past Governors

Joanne Raymond, 2014-2016

Lori Robinson, 2016-2018

Bonnie Clesse, 2018-2020

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Diane Balaban, D4 Conference Chair

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Acknowledgment of Governor Janice’s Leadership

“The Area Directors of District 4 would like to acknowledge Governor Janice for her excellent leadership during the first year of her governance.”

District 4 Area Directors

Jane Newman A1D, Marion Reeves A2D,

Kat Bunyan-McClendon A3D, Mary Vacanti A4D,

Melinda Johnson A5D, Janet Dell A6D

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Thank you Gov. Janice for your leadership and dedication!  Many thanks to the D4 Committee for all your hard work planning this conference!

ZC of Olean

Governor Janice Durmis

Thank you to everyone who participated in making our District 4 Conference a success. Transitions, Changes and New Opportunities: Accomplished through Teamwork

Congratulations to the 2022-2024 District 4 Elected Board & Nominating Committee. Your dedication, perseverance and passion for Zonta will help you achieve great things in District 4.

Lt. Governor Sheena Poole

Thank you Governor Janice for being such a dedicated and inspiring leader.

Membership Chairperson Sheena Poole

I wish to thank and acknowledge the D4 Membership Committee for their interest, contribution, and assistance in helping our clubs & members succeed.

Area 1 Director Jane Newman

I would like to thank  the Presidents and club members of Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Owen Sound, Stratford and Woodstock  for their commitment to Zonta in such trying times during the pandemic year.  Your creativity to develop new and exciting fundraisers, attract new members and continue modified advocacy projects makes me very proud to be  your area director.  I am looking forward to another exciting year as we move into the 2nd year of the biennium.

Thank you!

Area 2 Director Marion Reeves

As Area 2 Director, I would like to thank the Presidents and all Club members in Area 2 for their support and continued commitment to Zonta.  I am especially proud of your ability to pivot during COVID with new and creative fundraisers, service projects and advocacy initiatives!  Looking forward to working with all of you for the remainder of the biennium.

Area 3 Director Kathryn Bunyan-McClendon

To my Area 3 Clubs:

Grand Island Kenmore  Lockport  Niagara Falls, ON  Niagara Falls, NY  St. Catharines

You all did a wonderful job during these very challenging times.  You strengthen your fellowship; learned new ‘virtual’ ways of doing thing, all while continuing to advocate for the empowerment of women and girls.

Thank you!!

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