57th Conference



Friday Schedule

4:00 pm

Welcome to the 57th District 4 Electronic Conference & First Business Session

The District 4 Electronic Conference will open with the traditional opening ceremonies. Governor Janice Durmis will make the Call to Order with the posting of the colours, flags, national anthems, conference invocation and introductions.  A warm welcome by Conference Chairperson Diane Balaban.


Janice Durmis

District 4 Governor

Diane Balaban

District 4 Conference Chairperson

Zonta International Welcome

Zonta International President Sharon Langenbeck will send greetings from International and District 4 International Liaison Zonta International Director Gallo Freschi will bring updates from International and remain with us for the remainder of the conference.


ZI President Sharon Langenbeck
Sharon Langenbeck

Zonta International President & Foundation for Women

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Fernanda Gallo Freschi

District 4 International Liaison Zonta International Director

Beginning of Business

District 4 Secretary Rosie will bring greetings and correspondence, and the roll call of delegates.

District 4 Parliamentarian will announce conference standing rules.

ZI President Sharon Langenbeck
Rosie Papalia

District 4 Secretary

ZI President Sharon Langenbeck
Kris Fletcher

District 4 Parliamentarian

Conference Reports

Reports offered by the Credentials Committee, Registration Report, Conference Program, Acceptance of the 56th Conference Minutes.

Nominating Committee

The District Nominating Committee will be announcing the newly elected 2022 – 2024 officers for District 4.  This election will be held in advance of the conference and delegates will be required to vote online from September 19th to September 22nd.

Doreen Thompson

Nomination Committee Chairperson

Presentation of Awards

Area Directors will present club awards and District, service, advocacy & membership presentations of individual & club awards.


District 4 & ZI Award Winners

District 4 is honoured to have two award winners speak with us on the first night of our conference.

Madison Buchholz

2020 District 4 JMK Award Winner

Rachel Lim

2021 District 4 & ZI YWPA Award Winner

Foundation for Women Committee

The committee will be updating the membership on campaigns of the past year and the current status of our district contributions to the Zonta Foundation for Women. Opportunities for members to donate will be available before, during and after the conference.

Kary Grant

Zonta Foundation for Women Ambassador

Amelia Earhart Committee

The committee will bring news of our status of funding two Amelia Earhart Fellows.  Opportunities for you to give before during and after the conference will be available to advance our commitment.

Holly Anderson

ZI & District Amelia Earhart Committee Chairperson

Close of the First Business Session

Friday Evening Social – Design, Drink & Dine

Join Conference attendees to gather online and enjoy a bit of socializing while taking part in a hands-on home activity.  There will be time to chat, enjoy food & beverages.  Stay tuned for more details!

Saturday Business

9:00 am

Welcome & Opening of Conference Second Business Session

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Janice Durmis

District 4 Governor

D4 Treasurer Report

Review of Treasurer & Finance Reports. Presentation of the proposed 2022 – 2024 biennial District 4 budget.

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Nancy Peacock

District 4 Treasurer

D4 Membership Committee

Update on District 4 Membership Committee activities, membership numbers, ZI Add Your Voice campaign, & other relevant information.

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Sheena Poole

District 4 Membership Committee Chairperson

10:30 am

Fraidy Reiss –

Unchained at Last

Founder/Executive Director

Fraidy was 19 when her family arranged for her to marry a man who turned out to be violent. Still trapped at age 27, Fraidy defied her husband and community to become the first person in her family to go to college. Her family declared her dead, but Fraidy persevered.

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Fraidy Reiss

Unchained at Last Founder & Executive Director

11:30 am


Multiple Breakout Rooms to Meet & Greet with Members

Zonta Club Store Breakout Rooms

12:30 pm

Opening of Conference Third Business Session

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Janice Durmis

District 4 Governor

Bylaws Report

Presentation & voting of proposed changes to District 4 Rules of Procedure.

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Carma Horner

Bylaws Chairperson

1:30 pm

Liz Williamson – Truckers Against Trafficking

Liz Williamson is a field trainer for Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) and a survivor of human trafficking. Located in northern California, Williamson handles trucking relationships for TAT in Canada, shares her trafficking story at casino/bus Coalition Builds and other TAT events.
ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Liz Williamson

Field Trainer for TAT

2:30 pm


A 15-minute break to stretch, refill your beverage mug and any other tasks that require your attention.

2:45 pm

Breakout Session with D4 Committees

This is what the committees do, what we need help with, can offer speakers, interested in helping the committee

      • How do Zonta Caucuses Work?
      • Communications – ZI Elevator Speech Campaign
      • Service – Service Ideas & New Communication Initiative
      • Leadership Development – Working Together to Better Your Club and Members
      • UN – Our climate is changing, A Gender Equality Issue
      • Sponsoring Organizing Mentoring (SOM) – Accessing New Members & Developing New clubs
      • District 4 History in Review
3:30 pm

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Honouring our departed District 4 members since the 56th District 4 Conference.

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Club Host

Call to Convention 2022 Hamburg, Germany

Call to 58th Conference 2023

Closing of 57th District 4 Conference

ZI Director Fernanda-Gallo-Freschi
Janice Durmis

District 4 Governor

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