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Governor’s Letter COVID-19 March 2020

Governor Bonnie's Post

Zonta International District 4 Governor’s Letter, March 27, 2020

Dear District 4 Zontians, 

I just wanted to send you all a brief note to say I’m thinking of you & hoping everyone is safe & healthy. I receive so much email everyday from the other governors worldwide that it reinforces in me how International Zonta really is. It’s very broadening to hear how the Coronavirus is affecting others & how their governments are handling it. We all feel very sorry for Gov. Fernanda of Italy. It’s so bad there. In addition to the health effects in countries, the financial impact is serious in different places in different ways. 

Our ZI Board is meeting on March 27 in preparation for the Governors Meeting with President Susanne on March 31. We governors have sent to President Susanne a list of questions we collectively compiled to help focus on most of the issues –including Convention. After that, I will give our Communications Crew a letter & ask them to MailChimp it to update all of you. It’s unfortunate that we need to wait for information but it’s the reality of needing input during this turbulent time of the pandemic. 

In our own district, the closing of the border between the USA and Canada, while wise, does make me feel separated from our twelve Canadian Clubs. It will be wonderful when it opens again. 

In the same letter to you, I’ll update on the May 9 Workshop. It would be so wonderful if we could all be together before our Centennial Biennium ends. I’ve been “holding out” on cancelling or rescheduling it out of an overly optimistic hope that somehow it can work out. 

I hope that all of you in Ontario, Pennsylvania & New York are being well taken care of by our various governments & medical personnel… And that you keep in touch with your nearby Zontians as we do our part to defeat the virus together but separately. It’s interesting that in this age of high tech, our tactic is old fashioned isolation … tempered by tech & internet. 

Keep safe & Take care of your families, 


Bonnie Clesse
Governor District 4
Zonta International

   1919-2019   We Empower Women

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