Submitted by Nita McCown, D4 UN Chairperson & ZC of Toronto member

Way back last March we all hunkered down to wait out the demise of COVID. Two weeks, they said – and then 2 months.  We grumbled about lining up at the grocery store or the lack of toilet paper but we were still looking forward to a relatively short period of deprivation and spring was about to start.

Now 10 months later, even with the vaccine, we know that we still have long winter months ahead of us.  Months of staying safe and distancing from our friends and families.   Many of our friends are finding it even more difficult now.

We would like to share any unique ways that have you have kept in touch and brought a little cheer into someone’s life.

Here’ a few ideas.

  • Purchase postcards of the world on Amazon or other sites and send them to friends with notes like “Can’t wait to go back there” or “Maybe we can plan a trip here.”
  • Do a little baking and drop treats or books off on the porch.
  • Sort through your pictures and send copies of pics that are unique to the two of you – on a trip you took. Greeting the New Year,  attending a sporting event, etc.
  • Share a Meal – Meet a friend for dinner at your local drive-through burger joint and share dinner parked side by side.
  • Watch TV together. Pick a show that invites discussion – don’t worry if it is catty.  Call each other through the show to comment on outfits, behavior, etc. It’s almost as good as sitting beside each other.

How do you keep in touch?  We’ll add your ideas to the list.

Send ideas or answers to [email protected]

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