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Nominating Committee 2016 to 2018


Have you thought about taking the next step in your Zonta life? Would you like to learn more about leadership: public speaking, conducting meetings, governance, and decision making? Perhaps you would like to work with diverse groups, build relationships with Zonta members from both Canada and the USA and develop strong friendships with other Zonta leaders.

Here is what our past and present leaders have to say about their experiences:

Governor: As Governor for District 4, I appreciated the enthusiastic efforts of all D4 members as they worked together through Service and Advocacy to attain gender equality for all women so that all women can live in a world free of violence and achieve their potential. It is certainly a team effort that embodies success in our District. Being Governor involves a total commitment to Zonta and the members of District 4 not only in support of the mission but also in time devoted to the needs of the District.

Lt. Governor: The past biennium as Lt. Governor of District 4, was a great learning experience.  I was privileged to participate at the International level on the Membership task force.  I was asked to participate in an open dialogue forum at the North American Inter District Conference in Minneapolis.  There, I worked on a collaborative membership project on recruitment with other Lt. Governors and Governors in North America.  I have met so many wonderful women, made some great new friends and learned some new skills, all while being part of the bigger picture of Zonta  International.   I would recommend you let your name stand for a position in leadership.

District Treasurer: I gained many new friends and acquaintances from around our District – from club treasurers to other board members.  I learned patience in dealing with others that do not have an accounting background and who stepped forward to take on positions outside their comfort zone (I applaud them!) For the most part in my professional life I have always worked alone, no team or group work. Being on the board has given me the experience of working with others for a common goal.

Area Director: Being an Area Director was an extraordinary leadership and learning experience. I learned so much more about Zonta, the scope of all we do, and the great people that are part of bringing our mission to life.  Through being Area Director I met other women I greatly admire and many of whom have become life-long friends.  I am so glad I said YES to serving in this role.

 Nominating Committee:  I enjoyed my time on the district nominating committee. It was not as much of an effort as I initially assumed it would be and I got to see our rules and bylaws in practice. It gave me an opportunity to get to interact with sister Zontians across the D4 clubs that I’ve come to know over the years, and it also provided an opportunity to meet and get to know some of the other wonderful women that make up our district. Mostly, and surprisingly, I have felt a sense of real joy and gratitude seeing women, some of whom may have needed a small nudge, go on to be extremely successful fulfilling these important leadership roles.



The Governor shall administer the affairs of the district. The Governor shall work with the district board and host club in planning the district conference program. The Governor shall attend area meetings and will supervise the preparation of the district budget and shall authorize expenses in accordance with the approved budget. The Governor shall appoint committee chairs and other positions as appropriate to implement the programs of Zonta International.

The Lt. Governor shall perform such duties as assigned by the Governor. The Lt. Governor shall be chairman of the District Membership Committee.

Each Area Director shall attend district conferences, plan area meetings, visit clubs and act as a liaison between the clubs and the district board.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the district and shall administer them in accordance with the approved district budget.

The duties of the Nominating Committee shall be to provide the official slate and qualifications of each candidate for publication at least (sixty) 60 days before the district conference. Nominate one or more qualified candidates for each office and 5 candidates for the Nominating Committee.


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