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Zonta Leadership Program

Established during the 2014-2016 Biennium, the Zonta Leadership Program is designed to provide Zonta members with organizational knowledge, personal and professional development and opportunities to expand their leadership.

As an initiative, the Zonta Leadership Program will continue to expand; members are encouraged to visit both the e-learning icon on your dashboard for the modules or visit the TOOLS section -> Leadership Development for other resources.

Zonta International is committed to the ongoing growth and development in knowledge and competencies of Zonta leaders at all levels of the organization to support effectiveness and relevance for today and tomorrow. This site has four different sections of tools and resources for our members and leaders:

Over the next few months, you will see some ‘learning bites’ from our e-learning program; please go into the full webinars for full content on the topic.  

If we can help you as a member or your club, contact us through the D4 website or directly to Kathleen Douglass @ [email protected]


Make communication a top priority

How are your communications skills?

Do you listen or are you waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can talk?  You have two ears and one mouth as your mother would tell you.

Do you listen with your heart and your head?  Body language………….

Do you interrupt, hurry the other person along or are impatient?

Have you confirmed or re-stated what they have said?


  • Communication is built on trusting relationships
  • Encourage two-way dialogue
  • Remain receptive to and listen for underlying issues when someone is expressing concerns
  • Be open to other people
  • Create a receptive environment for communication
  • Remain receptive and listen

Good Communication Contribute to:

  • Productive, effective meetings
  • Fewer conflicts
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Strong culture
  • Successful achievement of organizational goals
  • Mission and vision are aligned with planning as evaluated


Leader is a reputation you earn, leadership is a skill you learn

Act as a harmonizing influence

Be clear in communicating

Encourage team members to share information

Encourage trust and co-operation

Delegate when possible

Build consensus as you go along Set ground rules for team

Building loyalty

  • Inspire and motive your team
  • Acknowledge group contribution
  • Identify and build on shared values
  • Get commitment to the goals
  • Acknowledge and reward excellence
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for individuals

Create a motivated environment

  • Lead by example
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Build trust
  • Support your team
  • Share ownership of the process
  • Communicate
  • Have fun
  • Delegate


Does your club have a culture of leadership?

How do you market and educate members about the benefits of being a board member?

How do you identify newer or younger with potential and encourage them to engage in leadership roles?

How do we help develop competencies?

If the task is too big, can you break it down (chunk it into bite-sized pieces) so it is not too scary

How do we ask? Why would someone say yes?

Growing Leaders

How do you encourage members to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Create a culture where risk (failure) is accepted
  • Take a chance
  • Say yes?



How to Groom New Leaders

  • Know your board members
  • Know where your organization is ‘going’
  • Growing talent where possible
  • Identifying key positions (risk management)
  • Talk about succession as part of your strategic plan
  • Ensure position descriptions are current


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