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This web page has been developed to promote and support fundraising and awareness initiatives selected by our District and clubs.  Take this opportunity to view the numerous items chosen to celebrate our Centennial, promote the Zonta Says No campaign or Zonta itself.   Items are available by contacting a club representative directly or purchasing from the selling club at meetings, events, D4 Area Meetings/Workshops or Conference.  Thank you for supporting District 4 and its clubs.

Zonta Items

Zonta Says NO T-shirts

The Zonta Says No T-shirts are being sold by the the ZC of Hamburg-Orchard Park to ensure members have access to promotional campaign material.

  • Orange women’s t-shirt with ZSN logo
  • Sizes: Small, Medium & Large.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Machine washable
  • Sold by Hamburg-Orchard Park
  • Contact:  [email protected]
  • Delivery to board meetings or District events.

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  • size:
  • material.
  • Care instructions.
  • Sold by
  • Contact: (###-###-####)
  • email address.

Zonta 100 Centennial Ball Cap

The ZC of Hamburg-Orchard Park is selling a white Zonta Centennial 100 ball cap.

  • White ball cap with official Zonta Centennial Logo
  • Size: one size fits all.
  • Sold by Hamburg-Orchard Park
  • Price: U.S.  $ 15.00      Canadian $ 18.00 (Cash only)
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Delivery to board meetings or District events.

Zonta Zippo Lighter

A commemorative Zippo lighter enclosed in a gift bag including a yellow candle that can be used for your club’s special candlelight ceremonies.

  • US $30 (cash or check to Zonta Club of Bradford)
  • Sold by ZC of Bradford
  • Contact: Kathy Kresge
  • Delivery: September at the District 4 Conference in Buffalo.


Popular Selling locations

Once you have chosen a product to promote or sell consider the best place to make your item available to other Zonta members or your community.  Along with a great picture and concise description include how to reach you on the Shop D4 web page.  Promote your product just as you would a club event and make it available at club and District events and meetings.  Each April/May, District 4 hosts 2-3 Area Meetings/Workshops and in odd years a District Conference.  What better way to celebrate Zonta’s Centennial but with a Centennial inspired item during the 2018 – 2020 biennium.

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