The District 4 Zonta Foundation for Women (ZFW) Committee is pleased to report donations made by District 4 members and clubs to continue to grow and advance us closer to our District 4 goals!

A quick update on ZFW donations progress to January 2022:

  1. 30 of 32 clubs have donated to ZFW or 94%. District 4 is very close to achieving its goal of 100% participation!
    2. District 4 donations of $102,576 to ZFW are at 66% of our goal of $155,947 for the biennium and
    3. Average donation per member is up to $155. The goal is to maintain the average donation per member of $163 from the previous biennium.

As we near International Women’s Day and Zonta Rose Day on March 8, the District 4 ZFW Committee encourages you to consider a donation to the Zonta Foundation for Women to honor the efforts of individuals who have made a positive impact on you or your community.


To echo the message in a recent Zonta International email, this IWD and Rose Day please:

Think of an inspiring individual who believed in you or who works for the education, health, safety and economic opportunities of women and girls.

Show your appreciation by making an online gift to the Zonta Foundation for Women as a tribute to that special person and include their email address.  (minimum $25 US)

Select a Rose Day eCard and enter a personalized message to let them know that they have made a difference.


Please join the District 4 Zonta Foundation for Women (ZFW) Committee at the March 26 District 4 workshop for more updates!

Donations to the Zonta Foundation for Women allow Zonta to improve women’s lives both locally and globally, their children’s lives and the communities in which they live and work. A reminder that 100 % of all donations to the Zonta Foundation for Women go directly to program support. 

District 4 Zonta Foundation for Women Committee

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