First Up…The Young Women in Public Affairs Award

  1. Download the materials now available on the ZI website:
  2. Set a suitable due date for the student to submit their applications.
  3. Contact your local high schools to help you attract promising applicants!
  4. Give them a copy of the application form AND tell them where to find a fillable pdf that the student can download.
  5. Select your winner, celebrate her success, and submit her application to District 4 Awards by APRIL 1ST.


Second Up…Women in Stem Scholarship—NEW PROCEDURE!

Now begins as a competition at the club level

  1. Download the materials now available on the ZI website: STEM MATERIALS
  2.  Promote this scholarship to all colleges or universities in your region offering degree programs in the STEM fields of study.
  3. See the Description of the Program for the specific requirements of this competition.
  4. Deadline for submitting the club awardee’s application to District 4: July 15, 2023


Third up…Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

Materials available by January 31st

Make sure that the Faculty of Business at your local university or college knows about the JMK competition.

Deadline for the club to submit the winner’s application to District 4: August 15, 2023

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