February 14 is Valentine’s Day in the USA. It is an annual day to celebrate romance, love, friendship, and admiration. People celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family, and friends. Zonta club members reference the caring & friendly relationships made in their club as a reason for membership continuation. (The opposite is also true!) February is a great month to show appreciation and affection for our club members! Club membership chairs can take intentional action during February to help members feel seen, heard, and appreciated; to let members know they are an asset to the club.


  • Mail a thoughtful, Valentine’s Day or another nice paper card to each member, with a handwritten sentiment, like “Zonta Club of ___ is better because you are in it.” Or, “Thanks for all you do for women and girls” (Send anonymously?)
  • One club membership committee typed a personal “scroll” for each member with complimentary or funny but kind declarations like, the award for “best creativity” goes to______. For cheerfulness in the face of adversity, ______. Award for Fantasc Friend goes to _____ for always being there for others.” “Hard-working Hero Award goes to ____for always getting the job done.” (Like the Oscars) Then they rolled them up and ed them with ribbon for presentation at a meeting. Each was read aloud at the presentation time, so each member had a moment in the spotlight!
  • For smaller clubs, get a small but pretty gift bag for each member, and put one member’s name on each. Place them on a table. At your meeting, hand out enough note paper, so each member has one per bag. Allow me for each member to write something nice about each member and place the note in the corresponding bag. Add some wrapped candy too for extra sweetness. Members take their bags home to read their notes. (e-clubs can put compliments in the chat. Example: CATHY: Perfect attendance! BETTY: Great ideas! Or, make a visual presentation in advance) 

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