NGO’s that are accredited and in good standing with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) may designate representatives to the annual sessions of the CSW UN

It is the responsibility of your ECOSOC-accredited organization to approve your registration. Upon registering, please contact your organization for approval.

Due to space constraints, the number of attendees to CSW Un session should be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 20 representatives per organization.

Registration for ECOSOC-accredited NGOs is open until January 26,  2024. Late registrations will not be accepted.


REPORT FROM MEETING OF ZONTA DISTRICT UN CHAIRS                                                              

Prepared by Nita McCown, District 4 UN Chair

The Focus of the meeting on January  20th was Zonta, CSW and the UN in preparation for the upcoming CSW meeting in March.

There is concern that within the UN, there is still a lack of the common will and understanding of gender equality.  Secretary-General Anthony Guterrres, continues to vocally stand up for the rights of women, but it is not a very popular position within the members of UN, who are heavily conservative at this time.    50 member countries are holding elections this year and the results of those elections could reinforce that conservatism on women’s issues.  CSW is actively looking at ways to balance this.

The list of parallel events for NGO CSW has not been published.   At this time, they are still receiving requests to participate.   We do know that there will be a joint presentation from Zonta and UNICEF.  There is also a presentation from Zonta Says NOW.  It is expected that a full list will be available sometime in February.

Please encourage Zontians in your club and Area to join the CSW mailing list if they are interested in learning more about Zonta at the CSW: https://forms.gle/MJKUYqjULSy8PRJq8

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