Zonta Club and JCC Partner for LUNAFEST Film Festival

The Zonta Club of Jamestown and Jamestown Community College will present the LUNAFEST Film Festival on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at Jamestown Community College in the Scharmann Theater. Join us at 6:00 p.m. for complimentary wine and refreshments, music, and an exhibit in the Weeks Art Gallery. The films will begin at 6:45 p.m.The cost is $20.00 (cash or checks only) JCC students (with valid ID) are free of charge.

This popular presentation features a group of short films by and about women. The Zonta Club of Jamestown has hosted this traveling film festival for 8 years, with a 2-year break during the COVID pandemic. Jamestown Community College is a cosponsor of the event. Several short films by Jamestown High School students will also be presented.

This year’s films challenge our perceptions about the world and our place in it, spark conversations, strengthen connections, and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves.

Films feature bold individuals, powerful images, and impactful language. Stories reflect the diverse perspectives of the filmmakers and their subjects. Some may contain content that is not suitable for children.

In 2001, LUNAFEST was launched as the very first traveling film festival featuring films by and about women. Starting as one small California premiere 21 years ago, LUNAFEST has celebrated the work of more than 170 filmmakers in 2,700 screenings nationwide—both live and virtual. These important films bring fresh perspectives and connect communities. The festival has raised over $6.5 million for women’s causes throughout the country.

LUNAFEST has also made an impact at the local level, helping Zonta Club of Jamestown with their many service projects including donations and projects for the ANEW Center, Boy’s and Girl’s Club, YWCA, etc., scholarships to local students, and birthing kits for women in developing countries. The club also supplies local emergency rooms with clothing for women who have had to surrender their items as forensic evidence or for other reasons.

These films not only entertain. They educate, inspire, challenge and empower.

To watch the trailer for this year’s film festival or purchase tickets online, go to lunafest.org.

Zonta Partners with Local Libraries to Stand Against Violence Toward Women

Pictured is the display from the Ashville Library

The Zonta Club of Jamestown, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women globally, recently set up displays in local libraries as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. The participating libraries included: Frewsburg, Lakewood, Sherman, Fluvanna, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, Mayville, Westfield, Cassadaga, Bemus Point, Jamestown, and Busti.  Several high school libraries hosted displays.

The displays in the local libraries consisted of posters, brochures, and other informational materials that aimed to raise awareness about gender-based violence and the work of the Zonta Club of Jamestown in addressing this issue. The organization also distributed informational materials that provided resources and support for survivors of gender-based violence.

The Zonta Club of Jamestown has been working tirelessly to combat gender-based violence and promote gender equality for many years. Through various initiatives, such as the 16 Days of Activism, the organization aims to educate the public about the issue, raise awareness, and provide support to survivors.

According to a member of the Zonta Club of Jamestown, the displays in the local libraries received a positive response from the community. Many people expressed their support for the cause and expressed their appreciation for the work that the organization is doing.

In conclusion, the Zonta Club of Jamestown’s efforts to raise awareness about gender-based violence and promote gender equality during the 16 Days of Activism is commendable. The organization’s dedication to empowering women and creating a safer and more equitable world is an inspiration to us all.

Birthing Kit Assembly

Pictured here are examples of the birthing kits (left) and Zonta Club of Jamestown member Mary Rappole discussing the birthing kit with an expectant mother in Haiti in 2017 (right).

The Zonta International organization is service-based and comprised of women dedicated to making a positive impact in their community and around the world. For the past eleven years, Zonta Club of Jamestown has been an enthusiastic participant in one of their projects, which consists of creating birthing kits. Once completed, the kits will be distributed to expectant mothers in developing countries.

A birthing kit is a simple, yet crucial, collection of items needed for a safe delivery. It includes items such as soap, a sterile blade for cutting the umbilical cord, clean cloths for wrapping the baby, and a sheet to use as a clean surface for delivery. These items are essential in areas where there may not be access to basic medical supplies or clean facilities.

The Zonta Club of Jamestown recognizes the importance of ensuring the health and safety of mothers and babies during childbirth. By providing birthing kits, they hope to make a difference in the lives of mothers and their newborns, especially in areas where resources are limited.

The project has been well-received by the community, with many people offering their time and resources to help put together the birthing kits. The club has also received donations from local businesses and organizations, which will go towards purchasing the necessary supplies for the kits.

The Zonta Club of Jamestown is proud to be making a difference in the world, one birthing kit at a time. Their goal is to reach as many mothers and babies as possible, and they are committed to continuing this project for as long as there is a need.

The organization’s efforts to improve maternal health is a testament to the power of community service. By working together, the Zonta Club of Jamestown is making a tangible difference in the lives of mothers and babies around the world.

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