Let’s get familiar with the USA Caucus!

The mission of the Caucus is to encourage development, consideration and passage of appropriate legislation by the US Congress, its members and committees and by stat legislatures.  Take action in support of or in opposition to, proposed ore enacted legislation and executive orders and regulations that directly or indirectly impact the lives of women and girls.  Promote women’s representation in decision-making positions on an equal basis with men.

Each District is represented in the USA Caucus, for D4 currently serving are Marcia Restivo of the Jamestown Club and Kathi Scanlon of the Hamburg-Orchard Park club.  We will keep you in the loop on key topics, but you can see what the Caucus is up to on the website and you can participate in ensuring these issues heard by participating in the Fast Action Friday.

Sounds great right!   If you haven’t signed up yet, text “ZONTA” to 50457 and get text alerts to advocate. Also be sure to check out the website https://zontausa.org/ to learn more!

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